Mega Bloks Halo

For a long time, avid Halo and Mega Blok fans have been asking Microsoft for a lego-styled game. This week, YouTuber and game historian Andrew Borman of PtoPOnline gave everyone a glimpse at what that game would look like. After watching the video, we think this unnamed Mega Blok Halo game dubbed ‘Haggar’ looks like tons of fun!

Sadly, Haggar has canceled and the studio that developed it, N-Space closed down in 2016. N-space developed games across many platforms including Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox 360, and Wii. Further, n-space not only worked on Microsoft’s Mega Blok Halo project but the Call of Duty franchise and Geist.

In the video, people get a chance to see Master Chief fighting Covenant and exploding into blocks. Moreover, other game features we get a chance to see are building using bloks, driving customizable vehicles and appealing art. In addition, the Mega Blok Halo game was being developed for Xbox 360 and also had co-op and siege modes.

Mega Blok Halo Screenshot

Is there a chance for a Mega Blok Halo game to release still?

In general, it seems to release a spin-off that appeals across generations would be great for the Halo franchise. According to Bonnie Ross, corporate VP of Microsoft and lead of 343 Industries (the studio who develop Halo) the idea has been there from the beginning. However, now that the franchise is much larger and some fans even have children, branching out is much more viable.

Notably, the Halo franchise is also expanding into TV with Steven Spielberg reportedly working on a Halo TV show. Microsoft and Halo’s revenue that comes from consumer products such as the Halo Mega Bloks is small compared to similar companies. But that only means there’s definitely room to improve and with more requests from fans it might be possible. In an interview with Fast Company, Ross said

Whether or not we do a game, I think we need to be really deliberate on the right game because we can’t alienate our core audience…I would say that when we first started the franchise, the thought of doing, like, a LEGO Halo game was not something that our core fans thought was interesting, whereas now we’re getting requests for that.”

Ultimately, we think a Mega Blok Halo game would be addictive and clearly, it looks nice when polished. Surely the people with shelves full of Halo Mega Blok figures would agree. Also, now that Microsoft bought Minecraft perhaps we will see Halo leaking into the Minecraft world. What do you think a Mega Blok game would mean for the Halo franchise and does it look fun?


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