Lotro Mordor expansion delayed and how to prepare for Mordor!

Much to the dismay of many LOTRO fans, Lord of the Rings Online’s Mordor expansion is delayed. However, this is good news for LOTRO players as developers have chosen to not release a buggy expansion. Standing Stones Games announced LOTRO Mordor will now launch on Weds August 2nd. That gives players a few extra days to get prepared for LOTRO Mordor and farm useful items.

The LOTRO game worlds will be unavailable from 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM Eastern (-4 GMT) on Wednesday, August 2nd, to release Update 21: Mordor.

LOTRO Mordor screenshot relic preview

LOTRO Mordor Gorgoroth relic preview

Check out our suggestions of useful ways to get prepared for LOTRO Mordor as a high-level player. Please note these are suggestions and some will be suitable to your playstyle while others won’t. The key thing to remember is; Slay Sauron’s minions, save Middle Earth, and enjoy Mordor!

How to prepare for the LOTRO Mordor expansion as a high-level player

There are always a few useful things players can do to prepare for a new expansion or content drop. Mordor introduces new reputation factions as well as a new level cap to reach at 115. Not to mention loads of new loot including essences and a new crafting tier – Doomfold. Take a look at our 105 pre-Mordor checklist and get prepared for the great journey through Mordor.

  • Make inventory, vault, and wardrobe space. – Only keep necessary or important items on you that you’ll need while leveling such as experience boosts or potions (Mordor is tough!). You can also make bank and wardrobe space in preparation for new items you will want to keep but not use immediately.
  • Stock up on Small Reputation Accelerators. – With the new Allegiance system and new reputation factions, there will be lots of use for these accelerators. Get reputation accelerators from AH, Trade channel, or barter with Skirmish points in the Skirmish Camp.
  • Clear out your Quest Log. – Make space for all the new quests you’ll pick up in Mordor. Finish off quests that have been sitting there for months and cancel the ones you’re not interested in doing.
  • Pre-complete 105 quests ready to hand in. – By doing this you give yourself an extra experience boost at Mordor launch when the level cap raises. Make sure you have a quick way to get back to the Slag Hills to continue on through the Black Gates to Mordor though.
  • Get Boost items ready. – Enhanced XP Supplies, 100% XP boost, 200% XP boost, Slayer Deed boosts, Run Speed boosts etc. You don’t need to use all or any of these but they can be useful depending on your goal while leveling through Mordor.
  • Finish getting your Class Trait points. – Mordor is a rougher experience the further you delve away from the main roads but, the further you go the better the loot gets. Maxing out your class trait points will give you an extra boost to help you fight all of those mobs!
  • Prepare your Legendary Weapons and Items. – Mordor comes with a 10 LI legacy level increase so prepared Lotro players are stocking up on Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment. Legendary weapons and items are staying at level 100 and fortunately, this means players won’t have to redo all of those shiny first ages we’ve put so much effort into. You will also want to keep LI XP runes on hand. Note: 5 of the new legacy levels are granted for free and the other 5 are unlockable.
  • Make a mental checklist (or a real one!) of useful items to look out for. – A new expansion is one of the best times to make money in an MMORPG. Even if you’re taking your time leveling a lot of items you collect will initially be worth more. All of the ingredients/crafting items, essences, relics, lootbox keys and lootboxes etc. are new in Mordor. There is always a large group of players who rush to 115 and aim to min/max gear and crafts. This raises the prices because new items are high in demand and low in supply. It is also another reason why you want to have inventory and vault space available.
  • Find a Kinship – A friendly and helpful kinship can make all the difference in your journey through Middle Earth. Everyone knows how to google but sometimes a knowledgeable kin member is a lot better. Further, having other people to play with can enable players of most gear levels to stray further from the path and get a little more dangerous.
  • PC Maintenance. – Give your PC a checkup before downloading and installing Mordor. That way if there are any issues with Mordor, you will know you’ve taken care of a few basic things like defrag, driver updates and clearing space on your games HDD. Further, your PC will run better if maintained properly and fans aren’t full of a year’s worth of dust and pet hair.
  • IRL Prepare Yourself. – Prepare yourself and treat yo’ self. It is a 10-year journey for some LOTRO players to get to Mordor and a super exciting time. Get a decent sleep and have the fridge stocked with supplies so you can binge Lotro ‘til your heart’s content.

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LOTRO Mordor Map Screenshot

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