Injustice 2 Guild Guide – How to Join/Create/Leave + Mother Boxes

Guild systems with rewards are always better even if lacking in other areas. With Injustice 2 however, rather than lacking features players have access to even more. Guilds in Injustice 2 not only offer extra rewards for guild members but challenges. The Injustice 2 guild system doesn’t work exactly like every other guild system though. So, read this guide to find out everything you need to know and how to join or create a guild.

First thing’s first! You must gain Level 5 to create or join a guild in Injustice 2. Play through the storyline or participate in multiverse matches to level up.

How to Create a Guild in Injustice 2

  1. After your profile becomes Level 5, go to the game’s Main Menu and select Guilds.
  2. Select the option to Create a Guild.
  3. Fill in the details of your new Guild and click Confirm. Refer to How to Customize your Guild below for more information on guild details.

Injustice 2 Create a Guild screenshot

Invite people to your guild up to a maximum of 50 members at the required level cap. To invite someone to your guild give them the Guild ID located at the top left of the Guild Home screen.

Officers can do the same things as the Guild Owner such as change the banner and update the message of the day.

Note: Guilds are not cross-platform so keep that in mind when creating or joining a guild.

How to Customize your Guild in Injustice 2

When you create your guild there’s a variety of details you must enter. Most of these details are editable by the guild leader or officers later on.  Main details needed to create a guild are:

  • Guild Name
  • Guild Tag – A short tag representing your guild.
  • Guild Motto – A saying or motto representative of your guild.
  • Select Banner – Create your guild’s banner.
  • Recruitment Status – Choose one of 3 recruitment statuses which affect how people join your guild.
  • Level Requirement – This is the minimum level required to join your guild.

Injustice 2 Guild Banners Icons

Injustice 2 Guild Banners Flairs

Recruitment Status Meanings

  • Free to Join – Anyone can apply and join the guild.
  • Open – Anyone can apply to your guild but an officer or the guild leader must accept their application first.
  • Private – Players cannot join the guild.

After guild creation you are still able to edit the guild banner, message of the day, tag, motto, recruitment status, and level requirement as well as change ownership of the guild. If you change details of your guild don’t forget to hit save!

How to Join a Guild in Injustice 2

Players have the option to search through a list of guilds, which can take a long time due to the number of guilds now, or directly enter a guild’s ID. Once you have selected a guild either through the list or through entering their ID you have the option to join. Note that depending on the privacy setting of the guild this can take time as the guild leader or officers may need to accept your application.

How to Delete or Leave a guild in Injustice 2

Before leaving a guild you have the option to pass leadership to another player. To do this select the Change Leadership option in the Edit Guild Menu. This menu is also where you will find the option to Leave Guild. There is a 1-hour cooldown before you are able to join another guild.

To delete a guild just Leave the guild.

Injustice 2 Harley Quinn screenshot

Guild Challenges and Features in Injustice 2

You might be wondering why to join a guild in Injustice 2? Well, guilds in Injustice 2 not only offer the usual opportunity to meet other players and group with people. But they also offer access to an entirely separate multiverse to the single player multiverse, guild mother boxes, and daily challenges. On top of that, guilds give players guild buffs gained from multiverse completion and a range of trophies to complete.

Guilds can have a variety of guild buffs active that are gained through completing activities in the multiverse. A guild can have a maximum of 3 buffs active at a time and include buffs such as experience bonuses.

Mother Boxes (Loot Boxes)

Completing daily and weekly guild challenges in Injustice 2 earns you Guild Mother Boxes, GP, and guild credits. Achieve goals together with guild members and notice them get increasingly easier to complete as more players participate. All players in a guild will reap the rewards of guild activities such as Guild Credits and Mother Boxes so being an active contributor to your guild is important.

GP or Guild Points affect your guild’s rank on the Leaderboards and the 72hr GP count reflects the guild’s current earnings. Keep up GP points by having active players and completing activities daily.

Use Guild Credits to purchase Guild Mother Boxes in the same way you use regular credits in single player. However, earn Guild Credits through guild member activity and completing tasks in the multiverse.

Completing Trophies also gains guild members Guild Mother Boxes and track Trophies through the Guild Trophies tab.

Tip: You’re better off buying Bronze Mother Boxes over Gold Mother Boxes as you will end up with more epic and rare gear, shaders and abilities for a fraction of the price.

Tip 2: Gain extra mother boxes by completing each chapter in Story Mode and be rewarded a Diamond Box after completing one of the two story mode endings.

Tip 3: Gain another Diamond Mother Box by completing the tutorial for all 27 starting characters.

Injustice 2 Diamond Mother Box screenshot

Guild Multiverse

Injustice 2’s Multiverse system offers a range of daily group activities for guilds to complete, contribute to, and be rewarded from. Guilds can earn some points through completing storylines but the gain is minor in comparison to what can be gained through multiverse activity. In addition, guild multiverses are the way a guild can increase its guild tier. This is done by completing each of the 3 multiverse tiers which require some serious team effort.

The multiverse shows a lot of information for your guild such as objectives, objective requirements, perks, and rewards. Perks become active depending on the amount of active players online at a given time in the guild. This is part of the reason why it’s important to maintain active players in a guild roster. So get your team of guild members together and go tackle some objectives in the multiverse.  Performance rewards reflect player’s scores and can only be earned once. However, completion rewards can be done more than once with diminishing returns and for completing a specific task.

Completing a multiverse gains a buff for the guild but note that guild multiverses reset weekly. Members must complete requirements such as spending credits or sacrificing common gear to participate in multiverse quests.

Injustice 2 is available on Android, IoS, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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