Experience GTA:V Online like never before, tons of new features with Five RP

GTA 5 is about to change forever.

It’s no lie the Grand Theft Auto universe has attracted a massive array of gaming nuts from all corners of the industry. GTAV has not only provided the strong, in-depth and popular storyline past GTA’s have provided. It’s also sustained a healthy player base in its ‘GTA: ONLINE’ style multiplayer, marketed as almost a separate game!

Past GTA’s have initiated a genre of RPG to excel in realism and versatility, such as GTA San Andreas painting the foundry of one of the most popular RP driven experiences on the multiplay mod ‘SA-MP'(San Andreas Multiplayer

Grand Theft Auto V Five RP

Five RP Roleplay

Past GTA’s have initiated a genre of RPG to excel in realism and versatility, such as GTA San Andreas. Painting the foundry of one of the most popular RP driven experiences on the multiplay mod San Andreas Multiplayer. Five RP’s newly founded GTA: Network has begun an already super popular and backed community driven modification once again drawing this strong attention and experience back into play. Five RP has already featured on Rolling Stones news, as well as made its way into many other communities around the internet.
The hype for a new RolePlay experience has drawn a very well deserving crowd.

Grand Theft Auto V fiverp garbage truck

Five RP started its journey early 2015 with a few expected hiccups and drawbacks; Nevertheless Five RP has not given up on the dream.
Ran by numerous volunteers, Five RP has not only contribute and initiated a whole new journey for the GTA fans but also an active community on which like-minded Role Players can prepare themselves for what is shaping to be the next big experience!

As Five RP has grown drastically in the past months, a new community has emerged along side it called GTA Network paints the base client which will be hosting the intense roleplay experience as well as other popular game types which could potentially include Stunt Style Servers, Cops & Robbers, and other minigames.

Five RP’s new hierarchy has shown preparations for a big community and professionalism to suit it, Gamers Greed has reached out to one of the new directors and a few community members to get some insight on the project and what to expect.

What makes FiveRP unique?

“This project is unique in the fact that the mod/gamemode is created with the players best interest in mind. This community is intended to be a heavy roleplay environment focused on character development.”

What are some of the key jobs/hobbies people will pursue in the game?

“Many people use roleplay to live out fantasies. Our key careers we know people will pursue are things like law enforcement, civil services, business owners, gangsters, etc.”

What player base do you expect to sustain?

“We hope to sustain a player base of people who are interested and well versed in roleplaying in a heavy roleplay environment.”

When compared to past popular RP experiences such as ‘SA-MP’, what makes this rise above others?

“GTA: V has so many more options when it comes to creating a server compared to SA:MP. In SA:MP, there’s roughly 150 skins and 100(?) cars; whereas GTA: V has more than 500 ped models to choose from, not to mention an online character creation tool, and roughly 350 vehicles to choose from. The map seems substantially bigger, and that allows players to roleplay in many different places.”

From a personal point of view, what do you see your typical RP day being?

“My typical day will probably revolve around administrate duties, but when do I get the opportunity to roleplay, I’ll be Deputy Chief of the Los Santos Police Department.”


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