Grand Theft Auto 5

Watch Dogs undeniably wasn’t all it made up to be. But one thing that was definitely done right was the hacking system. With the power to cause all sorts of chaos and mayhem with a simple push of a button. Which surprisingly leaves gamers wanting more.

Some mods make the game look a little nicer or different, some of them fix game-breaking glitches that the devs haven’t gotten around to, and sometimes they even add entirely new gameplay elements and make the game more fun. An active modding community for a game can extend the game’s life significantly.

A modder named JulioNIB has delivered the Watch Dogs hacker experience to us through GTA. You can unleash havoc by derailing trains, messing with traffic lights or even putting barricades up. And we can’t forget to make ATMs rain money!

GTA V Watchdogs mod

GTA V Watchdogs mod

It really does look like GTA had the hacking system from watchdogs patched in. JulioNIB has done a great job, you can grab his mod here.

Check out this video of the mod in action.


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