Google Reveals Its New Gaming Platform Stadia

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Google Stadia

There has been a lot of controversies recently about Google releasing their own console platform. Today, Google unveiled that the rumors were true. Revealing the highly-anticipated gaming console, Stadia.

The catch, however, is its not a console at all. But an all-new digital system that you can access from a lot of the devices you already own. Play on your Google Pixel, Tablet, and your PC.

While you can buy hardware for Stadia, this is completely optional. The Stadia system is completely online via streaming.


The announced controller looks great. With a sleek design, much like the PlayStation 4 controller. The Stadia controller features a share button built into the controller. That you can use while gaming to stream straight to any streaming platform. It also has a built-in mic you can use for certain commands. Both on the streaming platform and also in certain games

Google Stadia Controller

Googles Stadia platform will release with Doom Eternal. The next installment for the popular Doom series. Which will surely stress test Stadia’s streaming performance. But if anyone can successfully pull off a AAA game launch, it’s Google. Stadia is expected to release in 2019.

Doom Eternal on Stadia

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