Is God of War on Netflix with Jason Momoa a thing?

God of War recently released on PS4 with huge success. A surprise God of War Netflix series would be a great decision. With all the hype surrounding the franchise at the moment. The latest God of War 4 received plenty of perfect scores. All in good reason too. It’s one of those games that define a generation. A lot of rumors surrounding God of War on Netflix have been spread around the web. Such as Jason Momoa wanting to play Kratos in the God of War tv series. We’ve combed through these rumors to find out whats really happening.

God of War on Netflix

There is, in fact, a God of War already on Netflix. However, It isn’t a tv series. The God of War movie is a Chinese film. Based on a Japanese Samurai who engaged in piracy. It follows Chinese Generals, Yu Dayou and Qi Jiguang. As they strategize to defeat the pirate samurai. Although it’s not the God of War Kratos we all love. It is rather a decent movie we recommend watching.

As for the Sony-owned, God Of War Franchise. There is not yet any word on a tv series in production. All in a matter of time though. The God of War franchise is going extremely well. Some say God of War 4 is a new beginning to a saga for the series. The next few games are already plotted out. A Netflix tv series would be a huge step forward in getting Kratos on the big screen.

Will Jason Momoa star as Kratos in God of War Netflix series

This is a huge rumor that has been going around for years. We have covered this previously if you’d like to know more details. The whole rumor of Jason Momoa playing Kratos in God of War on Netflix. Came about in an interview with tbreakTV at Comic-Con. Jason was asked if he would be willing to play Kratos. To which he replied hell yeah to being Kratos.

However, This was years back. Before God of War 4 was even in development. So there really is no truth to the rumor, at least not yet. Safe to say though, Jason Momoa would be a perfect fit for the role of Kratos. A photoshopped image of Jason as Kratos has been making rounds on the internet. Stating that God of War on Netflix will be coming July 15. Unfortunately, this is completely false. Although a good one at that. Which would be awesome if it was real!

God of War on Netflix Jason Momoa

So although Netflix has no plans on a God of War series just yet. With how enthusiastic we all are on there being on. It’s only a matter of time before Netflix gives in to a God of War tv series.

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