God of War 4

God of War DLC is something we were expecting to see due to the sheer size and scale of the game. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, at least right now anyway. God Of War 4 developers have no plans to work on any DLC at this time.

No plans for God of War DLC as of yet

When questioned why there will be no God Of War DLC, Cory Barlog stated that they’ve added everything they can into the game without holding back parts for future DLC. We wish more Game developers followed suit.

We have no God Of War 4 DLC plans. I did not want a DLC to feel like: Oh, we’ll hold that back for a DLC. We really did not hold anything back and put everything into the game.

A bold move not many developers would make. But due to the popularity of God of War, it’s not such a big feat to pull off. The game has been a great success even without DLC. God of War 4 DLC isn’t out of the picture, of course. We will have to see where the developers want to take God of War next.

Due to God of War 4’s huge success, there are rumors of a God of War Netflix series. Actor Jason Momoa who stars as Drogo on the huge hit series Game Of Thrones says “hell yeah” to playing Kratos in the God of War tv series.

God of War Jason Momoa Kratos

Released on April 20th for PlayStation 4. God of War 4 has proven to be a huge success with great reviews from across the board. God of War 4 has great cinematic scenes using a one-cut camera system to add depth and overall a great cinematic experience.

If you are yet to grab God of War 4, you can pick up the game here for a lot less than retail price.

God of War DLC


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