Games Done Quick raises $2.2 million with awesome speed runs!

Awesome Games Done Quick smashed last year’s record by raising more than $2.2 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation this year.

Games Done Quick is a bi-annual charity gaming marathon which broadcasts talented gamers doing speed runs of everyone’s favorite games. This is the 7th year running for the charity event and each year the amount raised has increased. In the past, Games Done Quick has teamed up with Humble Bundle to raise funds but this year surpassed all other years solely on donations.

This year, Awesome Games Done Quick featured games varying from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Maker to Dark Souls III. There’s even a speed run through Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom which was a lot of fun to watch! Other notable games played in the event are Super Mario Galaxy 2, Ducktales, and Left 4 Dead.

The event ran from January 8th – 15th and streamed live on Twitch and the Games Done Quick website. Fortunately, all speed runs and strange but great in-between parts are all viewable on Games Done Quick’s YouTube and

Excitement and fun are huge parts of Games Done Quick and that is part of why something that began as a video gaming niche is now not only drawing significant audiences but making a positive change in the world. Funds raised now stands at $2,218,058.30 from 43,419 donations with an insane maximum donation of $40,000.

Last of all, was a true pacifist speed run of Undertale by record holder and Twitch streamer TGH. Moreover, TGH almost broke his own record at the event but was shy by a couple of minutes. Many agreed that TGH helped end the event on a high note and did a really great job.

More information on Games Done Quick

Games Done Quick raises money for multiple charities including Doctors Without Borders and all speed runners are volunteers. Anyone can apply to the event and final speed runners get chosen through a process of elimination.

Another interesting thing to note is the super fun donation incentives that are part of Games Done Quick events. Throughout the event, there are challenges that encourage people to donate. Further, donation incentives cover a variety of games and choices including naming characters, getting the audience to do things like sing and choosing in-game options.

Don’t despair if you missed out because not only can you view it all online as I mentioned earlier. But you can also watch and take part in the next awesome event. Following its bi-annual plan, the event will be back in Summer as Summer Games Done Quick.

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