Far Cry 5 modern day militia/vigilante setting, Montana location

The rumor mill is running as usual and in latest potential news Far Cry 5 might be in a ‘spaghetti Western’ style setting. There are a few indicators Far Cry 5 could go in the Western direction similar to Red Dead Redemption. However, other sources indicate Far Cry 5 is a militia/rebel group versus cop vigilante theme.

Recently, I mentioned in an Assassin’s Creed Origins article that the Assassin’s Creed rumor included a rumor of Far Cry 5. In the rumor on the PS4 sub-Reddit, Sirusavath claimed to work for a company that makes pre-order cards for video games. Along with Assassin’s Creed Origins, Sirusavath saw a pre-order card for Far Cry 5. Another Reddit user later claimed to have spoken to Sirusavath and confirmed it was true and more details would come later. Sadly, there is still no solid evidence this isn’t fake other than the word of Reddit users so time will tell.

Back in December 2016, podcast GiantBomb mentioned Far Cry 5 or Far Cry 6 as they referred to it. This Far Cry 5 leak gave a lot more detail than most other leaks have so far. Likewise, the podcast leak was also semi-confirmed later by an online news article from a Montana newspaper.

GiantBomb’s podcaster Brad Shoemaker was tipped off by a friend via email and shared the details with the podcast.

“Spoke to a friend of mine who works for Ubisoft up here in Toronto, he’s been working on some art for Far Cry 6 and he provided me with some info on what the next installment of the game is all about. Um, according to him the game will be set in present day. The Protagonist is a cop who is trying to run down a rebel group that has taken over some ranches and what not in the Montana region of the United States. Not 100% sure if it’s Montana but it’s somewhere around there. The rebel group has taken over a large region in the North West and your vigilante-esque character is tasked with the duty of stopping them.”

Far Cry 5 – Western, modern day or both?

As has been noted, a Montana newspaper Great Falls Tribune also reported on a video game film crew in Montana. Some interesting details from the Great Falls Tribune article include

  • a fiberglass bell made for the clip shipped in by air
  • producer’s location criteria was very specific – prairie, on a hill, open belfry
  • crew members from Los Angeles, Paris, and Bozeman, Montana
  • the release date of the video game is in September
  • film crew fixed the Chelsea Church’s bell tower for them
  • ‘backstory of the game is in a world that takes place in an imaginary location’

Far Cry 5 film crew using drone in Montana

The film crew in Montana using a drone to film promotional material likely for Far Cry 5.

Especially relevant, Ubisoft’s headquarters is in Paris and they are well known to have studios across the world. Furthermore, Producer Jeff Guillot has also produced Ubisoft’s live action video game trailers in the past. From the score of opinions flying around about Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5, it’s possible the game could feature some Western themes like poker and horseback riding.

Kotaku reporter Jason Schreier backed up claims Far Cry 5’s setting and the location is likely in Montana. Schreier also reminded everyone there’s little evidence to indicate a Western theme. Probably a good choice for Ubisoft considering Red Dead Redemption should release within a year.

“…I think it’s the next game in a different series that I’ve heard is set in a location that sounds a lot like this. Rockstar doesn’t do live-action trailers, after all.” – Jason Schreier

Speaking of which, the Red Dead Redemption leak rumors are caught up with so many other rumors at the moment. Rumors and supposed leaks are popping up on GTA forums, Reddit and PS4 sub-Reddits. There is mentions of Far Cry 5, a new Call of Juarez game and new PvP MMO Wild West Online.

Ubisoft has 2 unannounced games right now, so let’s hope to see a Far Cry 5 announcement at E3. In addition, Ubisoft is teasing something new surrounding Vaas on their Instagram and Twitter. Finally, could a Far Cry movie be on the way?

*Update: Ubisoft confirmed Far Cry 5 and the Montana setting we predicted. An official announcement is coming 5/26/17 and we will have the latest Far Cry 5 news here at Gamers Greed.

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