Fallout 5 is most likely the next game to join the much-loved Fallout series. Fallout 5 would be the sixth addition to the Fallout series and the first game since Fallout 4 in 2015. While there is not a lot of solid info on Fallout 5 out there right now. We have gathered all the most relevant and interesting information for Fallout 5 below. Including release date, location, multiplayer game mode, and VR.

Fallout 5 Release Date

You know how the internet loves wild speculation and Fallout 5 is no exception. Back in 2017, there were rumors that Bethesda would announce a new Elder Scrolls or Fallout game at E3 2017. Sadly, there was no such announcement and it looks like fans could be waiting until 2020 for Fallout 5. There was a 5-year gap between Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 4 so 2020 is a pretty reasonable estimate for release.

After the success of Fallout 4, it’s a given gamers will wait as long as it takes to make Fallout 5 amazing. Hell, take some time to get Fallout 5 VR perfect while you’re there Bethesda. Director and Executive Producer at Bethesda Game Studios Todd Howard would seem to agree games are worth waiting for. In regards to The Elder Scrolls 6, Howard said

“We think very long term. We’re not a developer that’s going to rush something like this out,…When you think about what is the future of that kind of game, we have a pretty good idea of what that’s going to be, and it’s just going to take technology and time we don’t necessarily have right now.”

Rumors indicated Fallout 5 went into pre-production as soon as Fallout 4 went gold which could back up the 5-year production theory. In 2016 in an interview with IGN Todd Howard explained the plans Bethesda has for The Elder Scrolls 6 are so epic technology still needs to catch up to achieve them. Howard reiterated it would take a long time for The Elder Scrolls 6 to release and mentioned what could be Fallout 5.

…we actually have two other large projects we’re also doing that are bigger than everything we’ve done. People will probably hear about those even before Elder Scrolls 6. That’ll make sense many years from now.”

Fallout 5 and Bethesda E3 2018 Trailer

Bethesda is known to ramp up the stakes for their E3 shows each year and while E3 2017 didn’t blow people away it still introduced some hype-worthy games like Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus and The Evil Within 2. Bethesda is already teasing for the E3 2018 Bethesda show and fans are holding their breath for a Fallout 5 announcement. However, Bethesda is well known for waiting until the last minute to officially announce a new game. Right before E3 in 2014 Bethesda released a new website to countdown to the official Fallout 4 announcement. Todd Howard said

“I don’t want to say yet, but people should know by now that the gap between hearing about it and it coming out, I like that to be really short. They’re all a ways off, and we’ll talk about it when we talk about it.”

Perhaps Fallout 5 will get a similar announcement although we may be waiting until E3 2019 for that. This year, Bethesda’s E3 show is on Sunday, June 10 at 6:30 pm PT. The Bethesda E3 2018 showcase is available to watch on the Bethesda website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch.

Fallout 5 location and timeframe

Before Fallout 4 released there was already speculation as to where Fallout 5 would be located. Think Geek ran a survey in 2015 to ask gamers where they would like to see Fallout 5’s location. Mostly PC gamers answered the survey and London came out on top. Other suggested locations include

• US – New York, California, Philadelphia, Disney World, Seattle, New Orleans
• Russia – Moscow
• China – Hong Kong, Beijing
• Australia – Sydney

China and Russia are said to be some of the worst-hit countries of Fallout’s Great War of 2077. Exploring a post-apocalyptic Disney World or Disney Land sounds super creepy. Perhaps fans will see Disney World or Sydney as Fallout 5 DLC. Sticking to the United States for Fallout 5 is the most likely decision. Although previous games have covered quite a bit of the US. Reclaiming California and grabbing ideas from the separation of California could be cool.

What sounds even cooler though is a Fallout set in a destroyed New York. New York is referenced multiple times in other Fallout games. It’s referred to as ‘gone’ in Fallout 4 addon Far Harbor on Arnold Wabash’s terminal. Washington and Boston were also listed as ‘gone’ while a broken Statue of Liberty featured in the Atomic Command game. New York clearly features heaps of great locations and landmarks for a post-apocalyptic world like the United Nations building. There is even a Fallout New York City fan-made Tumblr exhibiting what a great location New York would be. Where would you like to see Fallout 5 located?

Another suggestion which would completely change the setting of Fallout 5 is changing the game’s timeframe to the past. There are suggestions that a Fallout game much closer to the Great World War event would make a good setting. Considering the entire 1950s post-war theme of the previous Fallout games going back in time could work great and provide some interesting story.

Fallout 5 New York apocalypse fanart

Fallout 5 Online Multiplayer and Co-op

Back in 2015 in an interview with Mashable, Fallout 4 Director Todd Howard said
“Believe it or not, every time we do a game we design a multiplayer mode just to see what we would do. Then we go, ‘Yup, we shouldn’t do that. That’s an awesome idea that is way too distracting from the main thing we want to do, which is single player,’…I could see ways it would work, but development-wise, they’re very different experiences.”

So according to Howard Fallout 4 got a multiplayer mode but it didn’t quite fit the direction and narrative of the game. However, Bethesda has had lots of success with multiplayer features in games like Doom and The Elder Scrolls Online. Moreover, Bethesda is still hiring server engineers and a multitude of roles related to AAA, RPG games, and online multiplayer experiences. If Fallout 5 is in pre-production already these positions could be for that.

Co-op probably makes the most sense for the Fallout series but MMO games were considered in the past as well. However, considering the failure of previous Fallout MMOG attempts that may not be the right genre for Fallout. Perhaps MMO is just not a direction even being considered by Bethesda. Co-op would fit the style and narrative in a Fallout game a lot easier and may actually make it past Bethesda’s development design stage.

Who is developing Fallout 5?

ZeniMax Media and Bethesda will publish Fallout 5 but which of their many studios are developing Fallout 5? Past Fallout games were developed by Obsidian Studios and Bethesda Game Studios after moving away from Interplay. Check out the overview of Bethesda Softwork’s studios below

• Bethesda Game Studios – Fallout 3, Fallout 4, absorbed BattleCry Studios (Rockville, Maryland, US & Montreal, Quebec, Canada & Austin, Texas)
• id Software – Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein, Rage (Dallas, Texas & Frankfurt, Germany)
• Arkane Studios – Bioshock 2, Dishonored, Dishonored 2, Prey (Lyon, France & Austin, Texas)
• Tango GameWorks – The Evil Within, The Evil Within 2 (Tokyo, Japan)
• MachineGames – Wolfenstein, Quake, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus (Uppsala, Sweden)
• Escalation Studios – Doom, Rage, Splode. (Dallas, Texas, US)
• ZeniMax Online Studios – The Elder Scrolls Online (Hunt Valley, Maryland, US & Galway, Ireland & Austin, Texas)

You’ll notice Obsidian Entertainment is not in there as a studio because they are not officially owned by Bethesda or Zenimax. Obsidian Studios aka Obsidian Entertainment was created by remaining members of Black Isle Studios. Black Isle Studios made Fallout and Fallout 2 so it makes sense Obsidian Entertainment went on to make Fallout New Vegas for Bethesda.

Fans of the Fallout series loved Fallout New Vegas for the most part due to its great writing. That left gamers wishing Obsidian Studios would develop the next Fallout game. However, after much speculation, Obsidian Studios held a Reddit AMA in 2017 and answered the Fallout question everyone had been asking. Obsidian Studios developers admitted they’d love to work on a new Fallout but Bethesda had not approached them about it.

Fallout 4 Fallout 4 companion dog

Bethesda Games Studio could be developing Fallout 5

Bethesda had great success in-house with Bethesda Game Studios making Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. Fallout 4, in particular, appeased fans’ needs and went on to be a great game. 2012 saw ZeniMax Media open a new studio in Austin, Texas for BattleCry Studios. BattleCry Studios were heading up development for new F2P RPG shooter game Battlecry. Sadly, Battlecry was canceled and BattleCry Studios went on to work on Doom with id Software. Later, Bethesda Game Studios absorbed BattleCry Studios and the Austin, Texas location became a new Bethesda Game Studio office.

As mentioned in our Fallout 5 development confirmation article Bethesda Game Studios was hiring for a lot of significant positions. Bethesda Games Studios is recruiting for positions specifically stating ‘Knowledge of Role Playing games and The Elder Scrolls or Fallout a plus.’ Many of their positions also ask for employees with experience across platforms including PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A lot of the newer positions available on the Zenimax site actually say ‘Bethesda Games Studio games’ now instead of naming particulars. And you know what Bethesda Games Studio games consist of right? Fallout 3 and 4!

Considering all of the information presented here I’d lean towards Bethesda Game Studios developing Fallout 5. However, there is of course still no official announcement of the game and therefore no confirmation of which Zenimax Studio is developing Fallout 5.

Fallout 5 Bethesda Game Studios

Voice actors hint at Fallout 5 already in pre-production

In our previous article on Fallout 5, we mentioned the Fallout 5 pre-production leak by voice actor Ryan Alonsio in 2016. In the past, Alonsio voice acted for Fallout character Deacon in Fallout 4. Alonsio leaked the news in the form of Instagram posts. Of course, minutes later Alonsio quickly removed and redacted the statement issuing a new post with no mention of a sequel.

“Internally there is movement gearing up for the pre-production of Fallout 5 ….(shhh), obviously I can’t get into any details at all right now but it will be a very interesting journey moving forward.”

Even FragHero who originally reported on the leak claimed it was just a joke or prank by Alonsio playing Deacon. Whether that is actually true or not is unknown. Basically, Alonsio’s Instagram leak revealed Fallout 5 was already in pre-production back in 2016. Though obviously, that is way too early to announce such a big game through a voice actor’s Instagram. It was possibly just a mighty stuff up on Alonsio’s part and good news for Fallout fans. Previously, Fallout 4 was leaked by voice actor Erik Todd Dellums who played Three Dog in Fallout 3. Could the game Alonsio mentions in the following tweet be Fallout 5? Those are some pretty Deacon like sunglasses pasted in there to the left.

Will Fallout 5 be a sequel or spinoff of Fallout 4?

There is some speculation among fans as to whether or not Fallout 5 will be a spinoff like New Vegas or not. Nothing really has indicated that Fallout 5 will be a spinoff but it is, of course, a possibility. Fallout 4 is super successful and with Creation Club adding a lot of mods a spinoff doesn’t exactly seem necessary. New Vegas is loved by many but some people favor Fallout 3 over Fallout New Vegas. So I am not sure a spinoff would be the best decision for the Fallout series either. Fallout 5 however, could enable an entirely new setting and location and open up some very fun possibilities.

On the same note, a sequel rather than a spin-off could be a cool idea before releasing Fallout 5. Director Todd Howard mentioned Bethesda is working on 3 major games that are in some way different. Is it possible Howard could mean another Fallout spinoff or standalone like Fallout New Vegas? Howard said

“We actually have three longer-term projects that are all — we’ll talk about them at a much future date — they’re different from anything we’ve done before while also being a Bethesda style game: big and crazy,…but in many ways different from what we’ve done before.”

Will Fallout 5 be an MMO?

Fallout MMO is another story that has been tried and tested many times before. Fallout 5 is most likely not an MMORPG and many fans are happy about that. A Fallout MMO was on the horizon previously before Bethesda nailed publisher Interplay in a lengthy court case. Back in 2004, Bethesda bought the license to Interplay’s post-apocalyptic Fallout series. Needless to say that Fallout MMO didn’t happen and why is explained more below.

Bethesda now completely owns the rights to the Fallout series. Since any legal battles or conjecture of Fallout MMOs, Bethesda have released Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Fallout 4. Opinions on this matter vary with some believing the sixth installment in the Fallout series will be a sequel. While others believe the next Fallout is a spinoff or a new timeframe Fallout 5. It’s possible a spinoff could be a Fallout MMO. But there isn’t much to indicate that is actually in the works.

Bethesda’s hiring and job vacancies can sometimes lead to clues on what type of games they are working on. While Bethesda and Zenimax are hiring various roles for MMOs it is more likely those positions are for The Elder Scrolls Online. Some positions are specifically listed as for The Elder Scrolls Online. Other positions indicate Bethesda studios are looking for employees for AAA and RPG games. What all of these positions could mean is Fallout 5 will have an online multiplayer component.

Fallout 4 Fallout 5 screenshot photoshopped

The story of Bethesda and Interplay’s Fallout MMO legal battle

Part of the original deal between Bethesda and Interplay was that given a couple of special conditions, Interplay could make a Fallout MMO. The two main conditions imposed on Interplay were that Interplay acquires US$30 million for the project and development starts by April 2009. Interplay didn’t even really come close to achieving either of those goals sadly.

At the conclusion of the court case, Interplay retained rights to sell copies of Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics. However, those rights apparently ceased on December 31, 2013. Interplay is known for classic games like Baldur’s Gate and Earth Worm Jim. So it really is a shame they didn’t get funding for a Fallout MMOG. $30 million was a pretty large goal for a company that earned $6 million in 2007.

Interplay was not the only studio in the line of Bethesda’s fire with Masthead Studios also thrust into court. Interplay’s original agreement with Bethesda restricted Interplay from subcontracting other studios. In spite of that, Masthead Studios were asked by Interplay to work on parts of the Fallout MMO. Masthead had no issues agreeing with the original terms set by Bethesda and Interplay and the court case was settled.

In relation to Bethesda’s Fallout related court cases, Zenimax CEO and Chairman Robert Altman said

“we are pleased to avoid the distraction and expense of litigation while completely resolving all claims to the Fallout IP. Fallout is an important property of ZeniMax and we are now able to develop future Fallout titles for our fans without third party involvement or the overhang of others’ legal claims.”

Fallout 5 will probably get VR

Fallout 5 VR is almost certain since in 2017 Fallout 4 VR released for PC on Steam and HTC Live. In addition, Doom got a VR release in the form of Doom VFR also in December 2017 on Steam and HTC Live.

Steam reviews indicate the Fallout 4 port to VR may have been a little hasty. Fortunately, Fallout 5 is not releasing for awhile so Bethesda has plenty of time to get VR right. Further, Bethesda released Skyrim VR in April 2018 and Steam reviews are very positive. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR is a full-length open-world game and that could mean great things for Fallout 5 VR in the future.

Fallout 4 Fallout 5 VR PS4 Xbox One PC

Fallout 5 Gameplay Wishlist

It’s been years since the last Fallout game, Fallout 4. That’s plenty of time for fans to speculate on what they would like to see in Fallout 5. Fallout 4 kicked it up a notch but as Director Todd Howard has mentioned video game technology comes further every year. Those advancements open up huge possibilities for big titles like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls series. Fallout 5 may not be here until 2020 and that leaves ages to perfect the game. Check out some of the gameplay features in Fallout 5 fans would like to see.

• New engine
• Better graphics and animations
• More advanced AI/NPC interaction
• Better companion system or no companion system at all
• New customizable costume options
• New or additional protagonists such as a female character
• Improved and customizable vehicles and/or rideable animals
• Improved crafting and shelter system allowing players to customize their area and display trinkets
• In-depth Faction system
• New weapons

Check back at Gamers Greed for the latest and most up to date Fallout 5 news, trailers, and screenshots.


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