Fallout 4

Fallout 4 settlement building is not only fun but also highly addictive! Bethesda’s done a great job at letting players imagination run wild with dozens of great build-able areas, upon which anything can be built.

It wasn’t long before players created some pretty awesome designs and of course wacky ones. But with the upcoming Star Wars movie, id say this one takes the cake!

Fallout 4 Star Wars AT-AT walker house!

Fallout 4 AT-AT walker Star Wars

A youtuber by the name Ops_Specialist has created a massive armored house. The design is of course inspired by the great AT-AT Walkers from Star Wars. This great towering beast looks much like a concrete monument that makes Bunkers Hill look inferior by comparison.

Now for modders to cook up something that can turn this great AT-AT Walker mobile! Run in terror raider scum.


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