Real life Plasma Rifle?!

Good news Halo fans, your favorite franchise is getting the Triforce treatment. These guys create 1:1 scale replicas from some of the most recognizable video games. And now Triforce is releasing awesome weapon replicas from the Halo arsenal.

Man do they look sweet, but the hefty price tag, not so much. The Elite Plasma rifle will set you back $600 and is limited to only 500 units, while the Brute version will cost you $650 and is limited to a very small amount of 150 units.

Both plasma rifles feature LEDs, have a length of 62cm and weigh around 7kgs (15 pounds). They both have a poly stone base, hand-painted and hand-finished.

Halo Plasma Rifle Replica

Halo Plasma Rifle Replica

Halo Plasma Rifle Replica

Add these bad boys to your Xmas list! I know I will be.


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