Many people are still playing Pokemon Go and recently just enjoyed the Pokemon Go Halloween event in addition to the first Mewtwo raids. But now, there’s a new alternative, Draconius Go and it’s taking the world by storm or should I say dragons. Made by Ukranian developer Elyland, Draconius Go is gaining popularity fast for adding complexity to the AR genre and succeeding in areas Pokemon Go has failed.

There are definitely some similarities between Draconius Go and Pokemon Go, apart from the obvious name. However, similarities are bound to occur when both games land in the AR genre. From a fan perspective, the similarities help with familiarity though that is of no benefit to Niantic.

Elyland were very careful to make Draconius Go as original as possible including original coding and creatures. These precautions didn’t stop Niantic Labs from getting upset however and Niantic issued Elyland a complaint. Elyland dismissed the potential legal threat and issued a celebratory statement saying

“However, we didn’t use their coding or graphics when developing our product, it’s absolutely original. The developers of this popular GO game seem to think that they own the exclusive rights for the whole AR genre. It’s not like that. We believe that the market and players will only benefit from healthy competition. When we developed this game, we consulted leading world class lawyers, and we are 100% certain that Niantic’s claim is unjustified.”

Niantic’s reaction shows that they consider us as a serious rival. By doing so, they actually prove that our product is better… We hear and understand our players, we offer them an interesting gameplay. That’s what makes us special.

Read the full statement here.

Elyland statement regarding Niantic Labs Pokemon Go vs Draconius Go

What is similar about Draconius Go and Pokemon Go?

Apart from both being AR games available in the Apple iOS and Google Play app stores for free, there are a couple of other similarities between Draconius Go and Pokemon Go.

  • UI – The UIs in both games are definitely similar though Draconius Go is true to the Elyland pop/fantasy style of games and there are no direct rip-offs of Pokemon apart from basic systems like throwing a ball.
  • Items – Some items are similar or do an equivalent job in both games but Draconius Go also features extra items that do things not currently available in Pokemon Go.
  • Eggs and hatching – While this feature is similar, Eggs and how they hatch is more advanced in Draconius Go.
  • Buildings – Draconius Go features Pillars of Abundance and Arenas the equivalents of Pokestops and Poke Gyms. However, Draconius Go also features another 4 building types.

What is different about Draconius Go and Pokemon Go?

You will find the general opinion of people who have played both games is that Draconius Go is a more polished and feature-packed version of Pokemon Go. Even then, that’s only because so many of us grew up with Pokemon. However, even as an avid Pokemon fan I still find the Pokemon are generally pretty lackluster and uncreative.

Kind of like when a kid is trying to think of an idea and they look at the 2 nearest objects and pair them together. That’s certainly how it got in the later generations at least but we still love most of those cute Pokemon. I might just be a big fantasy nerd but Draconius Go creatures are all unique with really cool animations. Many players will also find that they can actually play Draconius Go at home, unlike Pokemon Go where many areas are left barren.

  • 6 different buildings – Pillars of Abundance, Arenas, Obelisks, Portals, Libraries, and Mother of Dragons.
  • Artifacts – Earn Artifacts from Chests and on rare occasion from Pillars of Abundance. Add Artifacts to your Character for benefits such as Raising the Creature limit allowed on Arenas or Increase the speed at which your Pet creature gains Soulstones.
  • 3 Types of Eggs – Incubate and hatch Dragon Eggs and Ancient Eggs with Incubators and the Mother of Dragons. Golden Eggs from the Treasure Hunt hatch instantly. Dragon Eggs hatch by distance and Ancient Eggs hatch by hours.
  • Spells – Build an Alter anywhere and then cast spells for different effects and benefits.
  • Different items – Items such as Dragon’s Sight allow you to see Portals, Chests, and Creatures in an increased distance. Both Creatures and Chests can be interacted with but Portals and Pillars can’t be used unless within distance.
  • Duel of Wizards PvP – Battle players from the other team in a gym/arena style battle 3 times a day for rewards.
  • Quests – Visit Obelisks to pick up Quests like Hatch a # of eggs or Catch a # of Fire Creatures.
  • Treasure Hunts – Also at the Obelisk pick up fragments of a Map for a Treasure Hunt which leads to a special chest with a Golden Egg. The Mother of Dragons can incubate the Golden Egg.
  • 2 Character Types and Factions – Choose between a Rogue-style and a Wizard-style when you first begin. After reaching level 5 choose between Red and Blue factions. The Factions are balanced to prevent an excess of one team and aid in PvP queues. If one team is too full players will have to wait for more players to choose the opposite team.

Draconius Go UI and building example

Niantic’s latest update disappoints Pokemon Go fans

Niantic’s latest updates to Pokemon Go left many fans disappointed. New changes included reduced raid timers, new raid bosses, and stability issues. In particular, the reduced raid timers is the exact opposite of what Pokemon Go fans needed. Especially those players living in rural areas.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m still playing Pokemon Go and I’m playing Draconius Go. But Draconius Go is pushing Pokemon Go further to the back of my mind. For the aforementioned reasons as well as the following

  • Walk and hatch eggs while at home. But without the insane pinging across the town roaming that happens in Pokemon Go.
  • Draconius creatures, Pillars of Abundance, Arenas, and Portals all spawn inside housed areas. So, you can have a great time playing at home in most cases.
  • As a Game of Thrones and fantasy fan, the Creatures have great appeal. There are also Dragon eggs and a Mother of Dragons to incubate them for you. You bet I call her Daenerys every time I visit!
  • Wild creatures attack while at home which award Runes and Essence.
  • PvP battle players from the opposite team anytime from inside your house and in my experience queue times are short. Type effectiveness definitely makes a difference in Draconius as well, unsurprisingly.


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