Destiny’s Gjallarhorn recreated with LEGO!

Destiny’s Gjallarhorn made out of lego, where go I buy one!?

ZaziNombies a YouTuber that puts together impressive LEGO creations from games such as Minecraft, Call Of Duty etc.

This time round he has created a complete life-sized replica of The Gjallarhorn, it is an exotic rocket launcher featured in the sci-fi themed shooter Destiny, and boy is it a beauty! The model was created using over 3,500 Lego bricks, weighing in at over 15 pounds (5kg) and measures 46 inches long (117cm). The hours spent putting every piece together would drive most people mad, ZaziNombies sure has a talent.

Make sure to check out more of ZaziNombies awesome work over at his youtube channel.

Destiny Gjallarhorn rocket launcher made of lego

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