Destiny players create the best Halloween music video

With Halloween right around the corner, many games are rolling out special spooky events to celebrate the holiday. Bungie revamped Destiny to feel very seasonal this year with new quest-lines, emotes, a new sparrow and fun wearable paper masks.

Destiny players create a brilliant Halloween themed video!

A group of talented Destiny players performs an incredibly bizarre Destiny Halloween music video using the in-game holiday items like special helmets, emotes and weapons. Check out the finished result in the ‘Saw Something Wierd On The Moon’ video made by Husky Raid. It looks like just another fan-made destiny clip until the brilliant choreography kicks in and you’ll fall in love with it!

Here I’m struggling to get a group of players to stand in the right positions during a difficult strike or boss fight. And this crew manage to pull off something as spectacular as this. We’re beyond impressed at the dedication and skill that these guys have put into this stunt.

Be sure to get into the festival spirit and jump on Destiny while the special Halloween event is active. There’s lots of great new items to obtain and a wonderful short questline you can complete.

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