Destiny 2 Summoning Of The Nine next DLC explained

The latest leak in regards to Destiny 2 DLC is the Summoning Of The Nine expansion. Take this with a grain of salt though, as nothing official has been confirmed for the DLC name. The content, however, is true.

Bungie’s Destiny 2 has been a blast with overwhelming amounts of content including strikes and raids. With every Destiny 2 DLC, we see even more expansive places to explore and enemies to defeat.

Summoning Of The Nine DLC

The next DLC installment for Destiny 2, Summoning Of The Nine. Brings a completely all-new race of enemies to face. The expansion will include a raid named Tomb of Eternity. Boasting ten new story missions and also four strikes. The location will revolve around Uldren resurfacing an army of Fallen Soldiers to save his sister. This can be seen in images of Bungie in their upcoming live stream Summoning Of The Nine.

Fans of the Destiny franchise are praising the developers for the amount of content being brought forward for this DLC. As a result, will definitely set Destiny 2 in the right direction. Summoning Of The Nine DLC is set to release in September. An actual date is still unconfirmed but sources are suggesting late September for release.
Destiny 2 Uldren Summoning Of The Nine DLC

Featured in Summoning Of The Nine

  • The Nine unleash Nastareth to stop Uldren’s Army. This is a new enemy race of Void demons.
  • The storyline features Uldren resurfacing an army of Fallen soldiers to rescue his sister from the Nine.
  • New raid named Tomb of Eternity revolving around stopping Nezarec for good.
  • Nezarec is featured in Summoning Of The Nine. He is the former tenth member of the Nine.
  • Nastareth is led by Nezarec the main antagonist besides Uldren in the DLC.
  • Meet the Nine during the campaign of the expansion to stop Nezarec.
  • Features ten new story missions to explore.
  • Four brand new Strikes to complete.
  • Two more destinations to explore. The Reef and also the Void area.
  • Includes a new co-op activity named the Court an activity in the safe zone of Destiny 2.

For confirmation, Uldren can be seen in almost every new leak of the next Destiny 2 DLC. The DLC name, however, Summoning Of The Nine. Is yet to be confirmed but strongly suggested by multiple sources.

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