Destiny 2 social space ‘The Farm’ has playable soccer and evolves over time

In the latest preview from Destiny 2, as part of their month-long reveal campaign with IGN is the Destiny 2 social space. Now known as The Farm, the Destiny 2 social space is a little different to that of Destiny and includes some really fun and interactive features for players.

This Destiny 2 preview comes just in time for Bungie Day and Early Access beta players to get their first taste of the game. Bungie Day alone yielded a huge amount of rewards for the community like Destiny 2 wallpapers and costume references for cosplayers and artists. In addition, Bungie is holding a 17% off storewide sale in the Bungie store until July 14th using the code sevenisdarker.

Bungie Day Destiny 2 celebration art wallpaper

Destiny 2 Social Space ‘The Farm’ Details and Preview

In the official reveal trailer for Destiny 2, we see the original game’s social space The Tower being destroyed by the Cabal. Of course, that means there’s a new social space and The Farm looks like a pretty relaxing area. Unlike Destiny’s social spaces The Tower, The Reef, and Felwinter Peak which held 16 players, The Farm can hold up to 26 players. Narrative Lead Ryan Ebenger pointed out players would gain flairs and other character specific changes. Moreover, Ebenger said flairs will work at The Farm and allow players to do things they once thought impossible.

The Farm is located in the European Dead Zone accounting for its safety and providing a relaxing space for players. PC players will have access to chat text and can recruit Guardians for raids and groups at The Farm. In addition, one of the more interactive and exciting events at The Farm is playable soccer. The Soccer event consists of a full soccer field, ball, and goals which keep score. Some of the other main features in the social space noted by Narrative Lead Ryan Ebenger include:

  • The Farm is a dynamic space that evolves as you play with characters and area details changing
  • Multiple events and games such as playable soccer
  • Post-Master available for communication
  • Loot vendor (Cryptarch) Tyra Karn
  • Chickens

Destiny 2 Beta Release Dates and Details

Pre-ordering Destiny 2 gains players Early Access to the Destiny 2 beta on any platform. Some players also got beta codes from the recent Bungie Day giveaways on Twitter. It’s worth noting purchasing PC Destiny 2 Bundled versions of GTX 1080 or GTX 1080 Ti also granted beta access.

Most notable, the Beta will be available to everyone at some point but varies depending on a few things. Further, console players will need an active PS or Xbox Live Gold subscription. Check out our full Destiny 2 beta schedule including release dates below.

  • Destiny 2 PS4 Early Access beta release date (from pre-order): July 18, 10:00 am PDT.
  • Destiny 2 Xbox One Early Access beta release date (from pre-order): July 19, 10:00 am PDT.
  • Destiny 2 general console beta release date (PS4 and Xbox One): July 21, 10:00 am PDT.
  • Destiny 2 PC beta release date: August 2017, more details to come.

Destiny 2 wallpaper screenshot

Destiny 2 Gameplay Trailer and Release Date for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Destiny 2 will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and after teaming up with Blizzard will also release on PC. Furthermore, Destiny 2 release date for PS4 and Xbox One is September 6, 2017. And finally, The Destiny 2 release date for PC is October 24, 2017.



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