Darksiders 3 trailer shows off Fury’s new abilities and gameplay

More details on Darksiders 3 Fury have been surfacing lately

News and gameplay of Darksiders 3 have become more and more frequent recently. With Darksiders 3 soon to be released. Now, the latest update we have from THQ Nordic. Shows our protagonist Fury in action with various new abilities.

Just like the previous games of Darksiders. Players will have an open-ended world to explore. Filled to the brim with content such as Dungeons and Secrets. Fury’s arsenal consists of a mythical whip and multiple magic abilities. Not only for combat but for navigating the massive open-world.

Each form or power set will come with their own upgrade trees. As standard as most RPG’s come. With every power set having each unique skills and playstyles.

Firstly, Fury has a fantastic Flame form. Which is one of the many forms she can assume in the game. The ability shows off new flame fuelled options for combat. Not only that, the Flame form can be used to traverse the game’s world. Take a look at the recently released trailer of Darksiders 3 Fury.

Darksiders 3 will soon be upon us. the official release date is November 27, 2018. Available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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