Crash Bandicoot remastered is coming to PS4!

Although E3 2016 was full of many highlights and plenty of flashy new games to play. One highlight that stood out for us was the announcement of Crash Bandicoot remastered. Yes, that’s right! Crash Bandicoot is back!

Sony has announced that Crash Bandicoot 1, 2 and WARPED will be remastered for the PS4. Crash will be making a huge return as part of a partnership between the company and Activision, the current owner of the Crash Bandicoot property.

Crash Bandicoot remastered for PS4

Crash Bandicoot remastered is coming to PS4!

As if this news wasn’t awesome enough. Fans are already excited for what lies ahead for our beloved Crash Bandicoot. Its no secret that remastered versions of our favorites prove to be hugely popular. Which means there’s always a chance for more Crash Bandicoot games in the future. Could our wacky hero make a triumphant return to the gaming industry?

Crash Bandicoot 1, 2, and Warped Remastered will be available exclusively for the PS4. At this moment, no release date has been confirmed.

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