Conan Exiles full release date, new biome, and roadmap schedule!

Conan Exiles Early Access got off to a pretty great start although experiencing issues with servers and bugs at launch. PC sales for Conan Exiles have blown Funcom away selling more than 480,000 units within a month of launch. That’s just 7000 short of Funcom’s 12-month sales goal and the game is yet to launch on consoles.

This week Funcom released their financial report for 4Q 2016 which discusses Conan Exiles details and plans. Additionally, Funcom’s plans for their other games such as Age of Conan revealed including The Secret World MMO relaunch in March. The relaunch includes changing story content to free to play, combat and gameplay improvements, and features like daily rewards.

Funcom’s report also spoke about the future for Conan Exiles relating to DLCs. The document stated DLCs would be evaluated ‘only after the game has exited Early Access and launched on all platforms.


Further, Funcom plans to invest an additional 5 to 10 million USD into Conan Exiles through 2017 and 2018 recognizing its earning potential. This extra investment will go into updates, PR & marketing, as well as support for future Xbox One and PlayStation 4 launches. Moreover, the project cost of Conan Exiles was covered in less than 7 days which is a first in Funcom history.

Conan Exiles Screenshot

Conan Exiles Updates

Although players expect frequent updates, now that things are calming down the update release plan is changing a little. Developers plan to do regular patches roughly every one to two weeks which will include

  • Bug fixes
  • Performance and Stability updates
  • Polishing the game experience
  • Small features or additions requested by the community

These updates, while less often, will feature significant game additions like the Dye system, Mounts, and Trebuchet/Siege weapons. In a somewhat Early Access console style, Conan Exiles will be coming to Xbox One through Xbox Game Preview during Q3 2017 (July-September). Notably, that update will see the addition of an entirely new biome to the existing map. This new biome will include a different environment, new monsters, equipment, avatars, and could be a snowy or forest area!


Funcom’s plan for Conan Exiles is to release 2-3 game updates in each half of 2017 with 1 more during the first quarter of 2018. That is also around the time Conan Exiles should be finishing Early Access and heading into Official launch.

Conan Exiles Undead Dragon

Funcom is in a good place with the success of Conan Exiles so far and has adjusted well to challenges. Despite varied ratings on Steam, the game still sits at 68% and is catching up to Ark and Rust quickly. A decent effort considering the game is only a month into Early Access.

The quick updates at launch were great and developers continue to make bug and issue fixes their number one focus. Funcom also mentioned two new projects are in early concept stages and may enter pre-production in late 2017. One of Funcom’s projects revealed as a new game concept using the “Conan the Barbarian” IP.

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