Bloodborne 2? – Bandai Namco teases new game trailer

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A teaser trailer for a new game by Bandai Namco dropped this week and it looks pretty damn sweet. The name of this new project is still unknown. However, Bandai Namco is pushing the hashtag and tagline ‘Prepare to Dine’ similar to that of the Dark Souls series.

Bandai Namco said to enjoy the ‘original animation inspired by a new title in development’ by the company. A full announcement of the new title will happen on April 20th, 2017.

There is much speculation over what this new title is and what type of game it is. Some of the theories surrounding the teaser include vampires and werewolves, perhaps even Bloodborne 2 for PS4. Though Bloodborne is Sony and From Software’s game and I don’t think From Software is working on this title. Interestingly a few articles notably that of Forbes, noted that the teaser, as well as the PR email picture, focused on cards. Could this new teaser trailer be for another card game?

Personally, the monsters in Bandai Namco’s teaser also remind me of Shinigami from Death Note. However, it seems more likely that the new title might be a new God Eater game for PC and PS4. God Eater is an action RPG set in a futuristic post-apocalyptic world where humanity must fight against the monstrous Aragami.

Not only is there talk of a new untitled God Eater game and teaser trailers from Bandai Namco for God Eater as recently as March 30th. But, as well as similarities between the old God Eater website and some of the characters in the latest teaser, Bandai Namco Community Manager said

Check out Bandai Namco’s teaser trailer for their new God Eater project.

Bandai Namco new teaser trailer – is it Bloodborne 2 or God Eater?

With a beautiful, gothic art style by talented animator Lizzi Akana, it’s needless to say we’re excited about this new title either way. More details for the title this teaser is about release April 20th, the same day From Software release Dark Souls 3 The Fire Fades Edition. Finally, view the new teaser trailer from Bandai Namco and let us know which game you think it is for.

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