South Korean studio Pearl Abyss, developer of Black Desert, has finally released the first ever trailer for the upcoming mobile version of the popular MMORPG, along with the official teaser site.

was reported by several local gaming sites that it has confirmed a mobile version of Black Desert is being worked on. The team is still deciding which content from the PC version can be ported over but stated a new mobile-optimized in-house engine will be used, similar to Black Desert. PearlAbyss expects the game to be ready next year(2018 – There’s no release date announced but the game will surely bring many people into mobile MMORPG. ).

Black Desert mobile game will be a different experience
Daeil Kim surprised us by revealing a mobile MMO based on the Black Desert universe was in development. “The gameplay will be very different to Black Desert”, that’s all we have received. Besides,the console version (Xbox One & PlayStation) version are also in progress. However, Pearl Abyss hasn’t decided whether the console version will support cross-play with PC as of yet.



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