Bethesda amazon product

An unknown product item has appeared on Amazon by Bethesda. The placeholder video is using a countdown timer similar to the Fallout series. What could this possibly mean to Fallout fans, nobody knows just yet!

The item was listed on Amazon for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC for $59.99 with a release date of December 31st. Its been noted that these are the default values for any game sold on Amazon. So these numbers are not to be mistaken for the actual price or release date of this item.

Another big hint Bethesda has given is the vintage film countdown timer. Famously associated with the Fallout series. The chances of this being an all-new Fallout game is unfortunately slim. Considering Fallout 76 had only just launched last November. Not to mention the negative feedback the game had received.

There’s a strong indication that the product item is likely to be a remastered version of either Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas – Or better yet a collection of both. It’s the most likely scenario in regards to what’s next for Bethesda. When you consider the number of re-releases we’ve seen for Skyrim.

With Bethesda keeping a tight lid on any news of upcoming releases. Its best to just wait and see what they have for us this summer at E3.


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