The Witcher 3 cosplay spotlight: The best cosplayers

The Witcher began as a fantasy series about Geralt of Rivia written by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. This wonderful collection of short stories and novels about Geralt have since been adapted into a film, a television series, a graphic novel series, and of course video games!

I’m speaking of The Witcher, 2, and 3: Wild Hunt and unsurprisingly this fantastic story has inspired many creative fans of the video games. The result is an astounding amount of talented cosplayers who bring the art of The Witcher to real life.

Many of these talented Witcher cosplayers hail from Russia and can be found on Deviant Art, Facebook, and Instagram. Moreover, Ben at Maul Cosplay is famous for one of the best Geralt cosplays around! Now, Maul Cosplay has created The Witcher Cosplay Calendar for 2017. Notably, the calendar features mild nudity (nipples!) and is focused on Geralt which is sure to satisfy many happy gamers with Geralt crushes. Triss and Yennefer also make an appearance but only in one or two photos. Further, check out two of the Geralt calendar pictures in the showcase below.

Developers CDProjektRed has taken notice of the talented cosplay fans of the Witcher franchise as well. In 2014, CDProjektRed held a cosplay contest that awarded prizes including money, replica jewelry, and signed copies of the game. In addition, the first prize winner won the opportunity to showcase his cosplay at game industry events with all expenses paid by CDProjektRed. The first prize winner was an amazing Eredin cosplay by Kevin with beautifully detailed armor!

2017 was the year rumored for The Witcher movie release as we mentioned previously. However, there is still no word on an official release date.

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