Battlefield 1 Incursions competitive mode Alpha is a stand alone for PC

Fans have yearned for game modes like coop and competitive in Battlefield 1 since the launch of the game. Fair enough as a competitive mode is just the type of gameplay you’d expect in a game like Battlefield 1. Now, finally the wait is over and a new competitive mode is here with Battlefield 1 Incursions.

Battlefield 1’s new competitive mode Incursions is 5v5 and uses a scoring system where every kill and team decision matters. This small scale focus on war allows players to band together in addition to the beginning of a new competitive scene for Battlefield 1. Further, Incursions will also feature vehicles and infantry. In Incursion mode, players get a choice of eight character kits;

  • Control Leader
  • Shock Assault
  • Battle Mechanic
  • Mortar Support
  • AT Assault
  • Trench Surgeon
  • Proximity Recon

Check out our guide to Battlefield 1 Incursions Kits up to date with the current Gamescom demo. Updates to Kit information coming this September and the Incursions Kits guide stays up to date through Closed Alpha and onwards. In addition, watch the Battlefield 1 Incursions trailer below.

Battlefield 1 Incursions competitive mode PC Alpha Details

Battlefield 1 Incursions has been experienced in small doses at Gamescom 2017 with playable demos set up for attendees. This September the Battlefield 1 Incursions Closed Alpha begins for PC only and players can sign up for a chance to play in Closed Alpha. Further, Battlefield 1 Incursions Alpha is a standalone DLC and download which means you can play even if you don’t own Battlefield 1.

Sadly, the Closed Alpha is region locked but players with the internet in America, or Western and Central Europe will get access. The first phase of closed alpha invitations has ended but more information and kits will release this September.

PCGamesN interviewed Game Producer, David Sirland at Gamescom about Battlefield 1 Incursions. Sirland spoke of foreseen matchmaking problems and DICE’s plans to deal with them.

We want to get all players involved, as soon as possible, so we can start discussing what works, what doesn’t work, what needs improvement, what could be deeper in terms of strategy, and so on. And also seeing how the players play this because it’s only when we take it to scale that we really get all the information.

The Battlefield 1 Incursions Closed Alpha takes part on a modified version of the Battlefield 1 map, Giant’s Shadow. In particular, DICE are highly active on the new Battlefield 1 Incursions sub-Reddit and asking for feedback from new and competitive gamers. Let’s hope this effort ends with a great competitive scene molded by the Battlefield community and DICE.

Battlefield 1 incursions trailer screenshot

Battlefield 1 Revolution released and includes trailer

In addition, EA and DICE announced Battlefield 1 Revolution at Gamescom 2017. Further, Revolution is a ‘complete package’ of Battlefield 1 and its four expansions which includes:

  • Battlefield 1
  • They Shall Not Pass
  • In the Name of the Tsar
  • Turning Tides
  • and Apocalypse

This new Battlefield 1 package is available now for PC (via Origin), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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