Battlefield 1 Megalodon

Battlefield 1 recently released They Shall Not Pass DLC and it came with a juicy new ‘easter egg’. Dropping easter eggs into games is no new practice these days but one that most gamers enjoy a great deal. It’s not quite the Lord of the Rings easter egg I was personally hoping for. But what gamer is ever disappointed by giant sharks?

Battlefield 1’s DLC They Shall Not Pass released on March 14th for Premium players and March 28th for everyone else. In the base Battlefield 1, players searched for an easter egg from mysterious headphones that played morse code. At first, the morse code seemed jumbled and to not make sense but then in November, a new message came.

The new message indicated the previous messaged is corrupted and to await new instructions. After more waiting, new instructions were received by morse code in February this year and lead to the dog tags. The dog tags hold the title ‘A Beginning’ and could mean this is really just the start of Battlefield 1’s glorious basket of easter eggs.

Battlefield 1 ps4 dog tags easter egg

How to find Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass Megalodon Easter Egg

Megalodon sharks lived 23-2.6 million years ago and reached a length of 59 feet (18m)! So you would think you’d notice a big ass shark in the middle of Fort de Vaux but nope. That sneaky Megalodon is hiding in a pool of blood ready to devour your teammates.

YouTuber DannyOnPC was one of the first to discover and reveal the Megalodon blood pool surprise. Along with the help of BFEE, DannyOnPC uncovered the steps to summoning the Megalodon and it includes some ritual sacrifice.

First, vinyl records lay throughout the Fort de Vaux map. Notably, one of the vinyl records has a message on it that says ‘We’re going to need a bigger moat!’. There is a gramophone located on the Fort de Vaux map you can use to play the records if you’re interested in hearing for yourself. However, the team on the BFEE Discord have already deciphered the message from the vinyl records, saving you a step. The notes of the song played by the collected vinyl records turned into a cryptogram that read:

So you are here for the secret that lies below Vaux. Make sure you are ready for this journey. Do not think it will be easy, and do not expect any reward. All you will find is death. A hint; that is all I have for you, so listen closely: the men that lived here knew its secrets. Search where they rested when they did not work.

Although the decoded message leads some players in the wrong direction, players noticed 3 red valves. By turning the 3 valves at the same time, a pool of dirty water spawns near Capture point C. Players then melee kill 3 other players inside the pool of water to fill it with blood. 3 dead players are obviously just the right amount of blood to stir the beast that dwells beneath. Once the pool has filled with blood the Megalodon shark will jump out of the pool and devour your victims.

Find the 3 valves to turn at:

  • Capture point A, where the ground is destroyable
  • In a corridor between D and E
  • The rubble corner

Battlefield 1 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC as is the They Shall Not Pass DLC.


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