Archeage Unchained MMORPG Release date delayed

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ArcheAge is one of the most loved and best-made MMORPG sandbox games ever made. As a result of the overwhelmingly positive feedback and suggestions we’ve received from you, our community, we’ve decided to move the launch of ArcheAge: Unchained to October 15, 2019. “Shadows Revealed”, our next content update, will also be released at the same time for both versions – F2P and B2P. The graphics in both versions (F2P and B2P) of ArcheAge will be significantly improved and we’re working on optimizing graphics settings, performance, and features.

A super popular MMORPG that was murdered by Pay to Win additions will be soon to re-release with a no pay to win mind-frame In a move that the company has been teasing out for the past several days, Gamigo has announced ArcheAge Unchained. The new version of the MMO will be a one-time purchase as opposed to the currently existing F2P version. With AAU, players will be “able to enjoy the content as often as you want” without any optional purchases or subscriptions.

ArcheAge: Unchained will have a “onetime purchase” and “there is no longer a subscription model.” However, you can “purchase vanity items via Credits and we will implement seasonal ArchePasses.” There will be no transferring characters from the F2P game servers — which will remain open — to Unchained; everyone starts fresh, with 5,000 Labor Points, no advantages in LP restoration, and “Housing will be available for everyone.”

Stream Highlights (9/20)

  • Release Date Change?!
    • The release date will change to October 15th. They are delaying by two weeks so that they have the time to evaluate the marketplace and the bound status of the items in it.
    • Steam will also release at this time and they will have more information on this coming soon.
    • Steam will be go-live for orders on the October 15th.
    • No pre-download.
    • New Pre-Download Information: If you pre-ordered, you can pre-download the main client for name reservation on the 1st. The no pre-download is for non-founders. Info from Tinen on Discord.
    • Character creation will be on October 1st.
  • PTS is pushed back to October 1st – October 13th
    • They want to allow us time to give them more feedback before launch.
    • This will be a separate PTS from the legacy so that testing and changes can occur.
    • PTS will support all marketplace changes and will be a full launch version of unchained.
  • Name Reservation
    • Will be available October 1st at the PTS launch day.

  • Diligence Coins / Season Pass / Loyalty Store / Marketplace / Rewards
    • There will be no Loyalty Store > Diligence takes its place.
    • No login tracker at release
    • “Labor Restore” potions will be available through Diligence Coins.
    • “Labor Restore” WILL NOT be available via credits.
    • Expansion scrolls will be available in the Diligence Marketplace ONLY.
  • Alts
    • Each person can have up to 3 accounts.
  • Guild Cap
    • Max 50 members.  This is a hardcoded game choice by XL and won’t be changing.

  • Land
    • Everyone who buys Unchained will be able to own land.
    • Currently owning land will not be policed by Gamigo.
    • Evaluating tax certs as a reward for construction

  • Delphinad ghost ships
    • Quests for protecting the DGS will be removed at the beginning to prevent taking advantage of a late-game mechanic early.
  • Gold Selling
    • Zero tolerance towards gold sellers and buyers.
    • They can track gold through the economy and will be very heavy-handed on gold selling.
  • Archepass
    • 1500 credits = $10
    • Three versions. All the same price.
    • All three can be purchased at the same time or individual.
    • Each version is geared towards different playstyles. 
    • Archelaus objectives will be quests or tasks that need to be completed.
    • Premium version items will be ALL cosmetic. 
  • Auction House
    • All auction houses will be limited per server per region. 
  • Font/FOV mods
    • All mods will not be allowed. They are looking into seeing if FOV or Font mods will be something they can selectively allow.

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