Apex Legends Details Of Next Legends: Octane And Watson

Apex Legends was a huge success on launch. Already defeating Fortnite in sheer numbers of players and to top it off – an extremely smooth release.

The fast-growing popularity of Apex Legends. Has already drawn in an impressive community of players familiar with coding. Fans have searched through the games files for hints and clues of what kind of content we’d expect in the future.

Octane Kit Revealed

One of these Dataminers has come across something rather interesting. More Legends could be joining the Apex lineup soon. Two screenshots of code straight from Apex Legends suggest two new Legends – Wattson and Octane. Could be coming to the Battle Royale shortly.

In regards to any details about these two mysterious Legends. The first Character, Octane – uses an ability named Stim Injection. While Wattson can deploy an ability called Tesla Trap. Rumors suggest Octane to be a speed based character whilst Wattson similar to Caustic.

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