Airsoft revenge attack nails kid in the back over patch burning

Airsoft featured in a viral video earlier this year that caused an uproar online. The video was a teammate shooting another kid in the back during a match at close range. Opinions on the matter vary with some considering the incident a minor issue and others suggesting pressing charges of assault on a minor.

What is Airsoft?

The Daisy BB Company created the term ‘airsoft’ to market their new BB gun rifle that no longer used metal ball bearings. Since then, the game has transformed into what it is today and though laws vary from country to country, it is a popular sport.

Technically, airsoft is a ‘military simulation sport where players participate in mock combat with authentic military-style weapons and tactics.’ Some people compare the game to paintball but there is nothing to mark targets in airsoft and the rounds consist of hard plastic. Additionally, the sport uses guns that are ‘full-scale replicas of real world weapons’.  In the United States, laws state airsoft guns must have an orange muzzle to distinguish them from real guns.

Guns in airsoft have three main categories, all legal in the United States. The three types of airsoft guns are spring powered, gas (CO2, green gas), and automatic electric guns (AEGs). Further, these guns generally shoot at 350-500 feet per second or higher. There are also many rules that apply due to safety concerns such as shooting from a certain safe distance. However, some countries don’t allow guns of such high fps or airsoft and gun replicas at all, such as Australia.

Airsoft Rest in Peace, Kid meme

Why did this guy shoot his own teammate?

The shooter was age 15 and his victim just a little younger at age 13. The story goes, the 13-year-old kid left the 15-year-old shooter’s team this year. Afterward, the 13-year-old posted a video on YouTube of himself burning the patch of the 15-year-old’s team. Patches are like a coat of arms, jersey, or guild emblem in airsoft and represent something important to teams.

This is likely what sparked the revenge attack on this unsuspecting 13-year-old. After viewing the video many people expressed anger and saw the incident as abuse. Professional opinion expresses getting shot with a high fps rifle at close range is really quite painful. Meanwhile, others feel relaxed about the situation and that someone who participates in the sport should expect pain. In the end, the 15-year-old shooter received a ban from the SC Village game fields and his team might also.

Airsoft teammates

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